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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid at the launch of the 'One Million Arab Coders' initiative Source: Dubai Media Office

Earlier on Tuesday, Dubai's Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid confirmed on his official Twitter account that the UAE has launched the One Million Arab Coders initiative that will help train a million Arab youth in the region in computer programming.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said the programme will open the door for young people and give them access to “hundreds of thousands of jobs without leaving their countries”.

A new website,, was also set up and will offer online certifications through courses such as website development, mobile interfaces, Android applications, and training to become a data analyst.

The portal is supported by Udacity, an educational organization that provides online courses, as well as Middle East recruitment website

According to Gulf News, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, speaking at the launch of the initiative, said: "Coding is the language of the modern era. Our goal is to teach it to one million young Arabs in order to prepare them now for the requirements needed to excel in the future."

The youths can handle their businesses on the internet and will contribute to the global economy, he added.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid invited youngsters to register on for the free programme. Subsequently, the best coders will be given enormous cash prizes.

"We have incentives over $1 million to award the top students and tutors. Many young Arabs have unstoppable potential; all they need is support. We hope this will be the first step in a journey that takes our region toward a brighter future," said Dubai's ruler, according to Gulf News.

Objectives of the 'One Million Arab Coders' initiative

The One Million Arab Coders initiative, managed by the Dubai Future Foundation, aims to empower one million young Arabs in the Middle East by training them, enriching their knowledge, improving their skills, providing them with jobs in the modern tech sector, and increasing their expertise in advanced science.

The initiative is part of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s vision to revive the Arab civilization and spread hope in the region through innovative and positive change. 

Young Arabs, who make up the largest portion of Arab communities, are the main target of this programme.

In addition to providing unparalleled training opportunities for free to young people in the region, the initiative will reward top students and tutors with financial incentives exceeding $1 million.

Here is how social media reacted:

Most tweeps praised the new initiative

"May God bless you always our father Bou Rashid. Keep rising my country, keep rising."

"Young people are the future of this nation..."

“Young people are the future of this nation. May God empower you and help you create a better future for them and all the youths of our region.”

"What an incredible achievement..."

“What an incredible achievement made by an innovative creator. Always wishing you success.”

With additional reporting from Mariam Nabbout