When life gave them lemon, Cairokee made music sessions

Earlier in July, Egyptian underground band, Cairokee, released a statement on their social media accounts announcing the ban of their highly anticipated new music album, نقطة بيضا (White Dot).

Egypt's Censorship of Artistic Works Department has abruptly stopped the release of the album due to disapproval regarding a few listed songs.

“The bad news is that for the first time ever, our album is not going to be released in its actual form in the markets; most likely neither on radio nor TV. (But it doesn't matter),” the band wrote in a Facebook statement.

“The good news is that we will persevere; our songs will stay free and will be available on the internet and digital stores. Not only that, all the songs of the album will be put into music videos,” the band added.

This ultimately gained the album even more attention. 

And fans? They are over the moon.

Waiting eagerly

Ready to watch and hear it even if it were in sign language


As they promised their fans, 11 recorded music sessions were uploaded on their YouTube channel and digital stores.

As expected, the overwhelming flood of love and support from their fans did not end there. 

Some thought it was “Well worth waiting for”

Others simply thanked the band

While fans expressed their love on every social media platform possible, they also proved it by taking the album to the top charts in Egypt and the Middle East only two days after its release, making نقطة بيضا the #1 best-selling album on iTunes in Egypt and Qatar, and #2 in the Middle East.

Once the band announced the date of their first two concerts, fans raided the ticket booths as soon as they went on sale. 

This made both concerts, on the 19th and 20th of August, sell out two weeks before the actual date. 

This is a first for Cairokee. 

Fan goals

But as good a news as this was for the band, those who failed to buy concert tickets in time didn't really see it the same way.

Tears were in order

And plenty of frustration

Just like their fans didn't disappoint when they needed them, Cairokee couldn't bear to disappoint either.

So they scheduled a third concert. 

Taking place on the 20th, Cairokee decided to hold two concerts on the same day; all for the sake of the fans.