Pretty much everything changes over time. 

This includes trends, styles, pop culture, music, and of course, the very celebrities who often create them. 

So how did a few of the Arab world's most famous stars change over the years and how do they look now? 

Some are definitely looking younger! 

1. Najwa Karam: Then and now

2. Samira Said 20 years later

3. Wael Kfoury... need we say more?

4. Ahlam back when hair styles were out of this world vs. now

5. We must say... Assi El Helani is aging pretty well

6. Nawal El Zoghbi way back... and now

7. Assala Nasri... the ultimate before and after

8. Ragheb Alama before and after he got rid of the mustache

9. Elissar Khoury vs. Elissa

10. Kazem El Saher decades ago vs. now

11. Amr Diab before and after stylists came into existence

12. Ehab Toufic... better with age?

13. Angham... from child star to this

14. Ramy Ayach [way] before and after Amir El Leil

15. Fares Karam decades after his Studio El Fann appearance

16. And finally... George Wassouf