Severe floods hit Saudi Arabia earlier this week, leaving 12 people dead and hundreds of others injured.

This came after heavy rainfall and storms hit several of the country's areas, "mainly in western and northwestern parts of the Kingdom near its border with Jordan."

According to Arab News, "emergency services rescued 271 people from flooded areas, more than half of them in Tabuk."

Of the deceased, 10 passed away in Tabuk, one in Medina, and another near the country's Northern border.

As the intense floods wreaked havoc on the kingdom, its Civil Defense forces responded to hundreds of calls from people stranded in affected areas.

Security officials have since issued warnings asking citizens not to drive, swim, or walk in flooded areas.

As the rainfall ceased towards the weekend, governor of Medinah Prince Faisal bin Salman visited people affected by the floods.

The kingdom has now set up several committees to assess the damage caused by the floods and support those who lost homes or vehicles in the past week.

Everyone mourned the victims

"The body of missing person Hamed bin Hadi Al Montasheri has been found. He had been trapped in flood waters and died of drowning." 

"May God have mercy on their souls"

The rain season has become difficult in the kingdom

"Rain makes our hearts heavy these days due to all the casualties."

And is leading many to question the kingdom's infrastructure

"What's the reason behind the flooding of several cities every time it rains?"

Not the first time flooding raises doubts about infrastructure in Saudi

Last year, severe rainstorms flooded streets in the kingdom's Abha city and left thousands stranded.

At the time, many took to Twitter to vent their frustration at the chaos that ensued in the wake of the storm, blaming the city's infrastructure for it.