Arab moms are superheroes, remedy queens, and multitaskers who can do it all. They're always there to check up on you, send you hilarious texts, shower you with affection, and throw a shahata in your face every once in a while. 

This Mother's Day, we're here to prove Arab moms are the definition of gold. Because who else can be funny, angry, loving, and affectionate all at once? No one. 

1. When one Arab mom took emojis to another level

Technology has got nothing on Arab moms. 

2. When another made this hilarious attempt at discovering Netflix

Our moms are always striving to be up-to-date. 

3. When this Arab mom's response to a prank shook the internet

Summing up Arab moms all in one radio call. 

4. When one mom cracked this joke

Because nothing beats an Arab mom's sense of humor.

5. When one Arab mom redefined savagery

"Arab Moms Are Such Savages????????" Source: Twitter/ArabBaller21

When it comes to being savage, Arab moms are in it to win. 

6. When one mom proved there's a solution for everything

Running out of plastic wrap or anything else for that matter is never an issue. 

7. When this Egyptian mom slayed the accent challenge

And went viral for being so right on point. 

8. When this Arab mom aka "remedy queen saved the day

Arab mom = natural cure for every ailment.

9. When one mom sent an exhaustive list of remedies

No one, trust us on this one. 

10. When this Arab mom gave us the best advice ever

"Lift yourself above love and its crap." 

11. When another gave her kids the most Arab homecoming ever

She can never feed you enough. 

12. When this Arab mom subtly reminded everyone it's Mother's Day

"Greetings, I am your mom." 

Happy Mother's Day!