You've probably come across a non-Arabic speaker who couldn't (even if their life depended on it) formulate the correct pronunciation of the Arabic words hummus, khara, and Ahmad. Well, can you really blame them? We (Arabs) have a pretty tough time pronouncing English words, too.

Bekken bawdar is a substitute for baking powder and Starbucks magically becomes Starbox in the Arab sphere.

Egyptian Twitter user John Habashy recently proved how much of a struggle English pronunciation is for some Arabs. In his case, it's his mother. On Wednesday, the Twitter user shared an audio recording of a viral "Accent Challenge" on the micro-blogging platform.

It has since been heard over 20,000 times. 

Minute 1:05 says it all

"Cough Cough"


"So cute"

Pecan turned bacon?

Some didn't find it funny at all

But, many couldn't contain their giggles

Lots couldn't help but relate

"This is gold"

"Please don't ever delete this"

Other people decided to have fun with the challenge in their own way!

A Twitter thread posted by Twitter user @nashihs asked people to screen-record their translation of certain English words in their respective Arabic dialect.