Just when we thought Westerners couldn't ruin hummus any more than they've already done, someone comes along to prove us wrong. 

People have been destroying our beloved dish for a while but the sabotage was taken to another level this time.

Over the weekend, online user Amy Mackinnon, a staff writer for Foreign Policy, came across a new version of hummus being sold in the U.S. and posted about it in a now-viral tweet. 

What is it made of? Nope, not chickpeas and tahini but a mix of weird ingredients including brown sugar and ginger spice. 

To add to the travesty, the hummus was advertised as being inspired by holiday gingerbread. No, we won't be having any of that, thank you very much. 

Mackinnon captioned her tweet "Not today, Satan," and we're just going to join her in as thousands of dismayed tweeps did. 

Because if you're adamant about creating new versions of hummus, at least try topping the traditional one (that's practically impossible, but at least it might result in something better than a gingerbread flavor). 

Also, who needs seasonal hummus when the real version is so perfect all year round? Who wants pumpkin spice and fall-themed hummus in their pantries? No one. 

"Behold, The Four Hummus Of The Apocalypse"

We've said it loud and clear before but here it is again: Stop messing with hummus and all our food for that matter.

All of us after seeing this

Arabs be like:

When will you all learn?

And we thought it couldn't get worse than pumpkin spice

But it unfortunately does

Dear anyone attempting to make hummus