If you don't know what it feels like to witness something so perfect get ruined, you probably haven't been following what westerners have been doing to hummus.

The staple meal we all cherish is being destroyed by those who think westernizing it is acceptable and doable, when clearly it's not. 

What's good about hummus dessert, hummus shakes, or hummus sauce? Absolutely nothing. 

Hummus is simply chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic, and a few spices blended together with a drizzle of olive oil.

We're not going to stand by and watch as greek yogurt, chocolate, and all sorts of weird ingredients are added to the traditional dish and we're ready to call out every inedible twist on hummus. 

Hummus is beautiful ... stop trying to change it!

1. No, chickpea milk ice cream is not hummus

2. Keep chocolate away from our hummus

3. We really don't need hummus shakes

4. Seriously, who comes up with these ideas?

5. WHO?

6. To whoever decided to put peanut butter in hummus ... shame on you

7. Hummus and satay... don't mix

8. 10 ingredients? Hummus? Really?

9. What ingredients haven't been mixed together yet and called hummus?

10. Not even pistachios were spared

11. No, just no

12. Don't come crying to us when this doesn't sell

13. Because who's going to eat this when there's original hummus?

14. Not that sweet, if you ask us

15. If everything else wasn't bad enough

Just leave our hummus alone ...