Haifa Wehbe mini shorts
Source: Facebook

Last week, Lebanese superstar Haifa Wehbe rocked a pair of olive green mini-shorts in a performance at the American University in Cairo (AUC).

While her youthful looks made several headlines, not everyone was a fan of her outfit.

According to Wehbe, one female journalist was so offended by the shorts that she filed an official complaint against the superstar. 

"I was shocked to learn that a female journalist has lodged a complaint against me at the Syndicate of Musicians, in objection to the shorts I wore at AUC," Wehbe revealed in a tweet. 

According to Sayidaty magazine, the complaint was first submitted to the Tourism Police, which in turn referred the case to the syndicate. 

Wehbe said she has been called in for interrogation and suggested there might be a campaign against her in Egypt.

She went on to ask, "Has it become intentional [to jeopardize me] after every successful performance in Egypt? Or is this civilized look (my outfit) strange to some people?"

The syndicate denies Wehbe's allegations

Speaking to Alarabiya.net on behalf of the Syndicate of Musicians, musician Hamada Abu Al Yazid denied Wehbe's allegations. 

Al Yazid claimed the syndicate has not made any decisions to ban her or call her for interrogation.

According to Al Yazid, the syndicate only summoned her manager to "warn" him regarding Wehbe's dress code during concerts in Egypt, requesting that she "take into account the traditions and customs of Egyptian people."

Not the first time Wehbe faces opposition in Egypt this year

"It looks like when they saw that I am not banned from entering Egypt nor from acting there and that these were just rumors, they decided to give it a shot with my shorts! Lol"

Wehbe recently caused a stir in Egypt, after rumors emerged in October that she would be banned from acting in the country.

According to media reports and a statement released by production company El-Sobky Production at the time, the decision was taken by the Egyptian Chamber of Cinema Industry, the Theatrical Professions Syndicate and the Cinema Syndicate. 

It came following a month-long dispute between Wehbe and producer Mohamed El-Sobky, after the Lebanese star violated her contract during the shooting of the film Thanya Wahda.

In July, Wehbe issued a statement explaining she had decided to terminate the shooting due to what she called lack of ethics on the part of El-Sobky's company. 

However, in a recent tweet, Wehbe denied the rumors and asserted that she is neither banned from entering the country nor from acting there.