Lebanese pop singer Haifa Wehbe recently launched a fashion brand that celebrates "unrestricted and boundless love." 

The announcement came in a Facebook post uploaded earlier this week. In it, Wehbe shared a photo of a leather jacket embroidered with rainbow colors on the back, signaling inclusivity for the LGBTQI+ community. 

"For me, equality goes all the way so stay tuned gents because your collection is on its way! Get ready to celebrate unrestricted and boundless love in 3, 2… GO MAKE SOME TROUBLEEE!!" she wrote in the caption.

Beau Voyou describes itself as a fashion brand that gives people more than just a look. 

"They give you a voice. A story." 

"It plays with judgements and breaks traditional roles, hoping to show the world a new standard of beauty, straying away from the mainstream ideals to create a new world order based on love and tolerance." 

Inclusivity for the win

The brand has a number of different collections all under one theme: individuality

"Our collections have an optimistic, inclusive and unique persona and distill the brand values of respect, open-mindedness, freedom and individuality. We hope that you will join us in our pursuit of happiness, tolerance and love," the website description says. 

However, many aren't too happy with the hefty price tag attached to the items in the collection. The prices range from $90 (t-shirts) to $3,500  (leather jacket). 

"Spreading a clear message about equality"

Not long ago, the pop singer sent out a homophobic tweet

In June 2017, the Lebanese artist was put under the spotlight over a homophobic tweet she sent out to a user on the micro-blogging platform.  

She wrote: "When a faggot speaks."

The user, who many said insulted the singer, has since deleted his Twitter account. Nevertheless, people came to his defense, criticizing the singer's attitude towards the LGBTQI+ community in the Arab world. 

"You just disappointed and lost all your LGBTQ fans and ruined that poor guy's life. I hope you're happy now," Twitter user Creole Clay wrote in the aftermath of the incident. Following the backlash, Wehbe deleted the tweet.