UPDATE: Google appears to have fixed the glitch.

Ever since U.S. President Barack Obama entered the political spotlight, many of his critics have said he is a Muslim ... because that's somehow a bad thing?

Although it shouldn't be a problem for anyone whether or not Obama is a Muslim; he's not. He is a Christian. He has consistently talked about his Christian faith, while defending Islam against right-wing attacks.

Apparently, Google didn't get the memo and is confused, just like a lot of Obama haters.

Try Googling "Muslim US Congressmen" and this is what shows up ...

Try Googling "Muslim US Congresspeople" and this is what you'll get ...

And "Muslim US Representatives" does the same thing ...

It's a rather bizarre glitch for the internet's most popular search engine. 

There are only two Muslims in the U.S. congress, Keith Ellison and Andre Carson. Barack Obama isn't a congressmen ... he's been president for eight years.

Peter T. King and Sue Myrick are also not Muslim. King is a current member of congress and Myrick was formerly a representative in the legislative body.

Maybe Google has been behind the "Obama is a Muslim" confusion this whole time? Hmm.