Friday, November 10, would have been late Lebanese music icon Sabah's 90th birthday. 

To commemorate the date, Google honored her with a doodle that's now going viral on Lebanese social media. 

Born Jeanette Gergis al-Feghali, the singer is considered one of the most important icons in Lebanese music history. 

According to her obituary in The Guardian, the star "appeared in more than 80 films and recorded around 3,000 songs, specialising in mawwal, a genre of traditional Arabic music." 

"Her profile extended beyond the Arab world, however: she played at Olympia in Paris, Carnegie Hall in New York, London’s Piccadilly Theatre and the Sydney Opera House."

Sabah, who was known for extraordinary talent, sense of humor and love for life, passed away at the age of 87 on November 26, 2014. 

At her request, her funeral, which was attended by thousands, was transformed into a celebration of life. 

People are pretty excited about it

Celebrating the shahroura's 90th birthday...

She was one of Lebanon's "national treasures"

We're all loving Google right now

They made everyone's day

"She loved simplicity, so the whole world loved her back"

"Thank you Google"