For years, Google has been honoring celebrated figures from around the world and reminding everyone of their incredible achievements and significant legacies with its artistic Doodles.

Throughout these years, Google Doodles certainly hasn't left out the Arab world's icons and heroes, and the latest one to be honored is late Egyptian-born iconic singer Dalida.

Google did so with a pretty colorful animated GIF, in which the singer can be seen donning different gowns and hairstyles. This came in honor of what would have been the singer's 86th birthday.

"Today's Doodle celebrates Dalida, whose aching voice and real-life heartaches earned her a cult following worldwide," Google wrote.

Featuring 14 of Dalida's most iconic looks and outfits

Dalida, google doodle
Source: Google

Dalida, a French vocalist born in Egypt to Italian parents, was born on Jan. 17, 1933 as Lolanda Cristina Gigliotti. Throughout her career, she became professionally known as Dalida. The French singer sold millions of records over three decades.

The singer's career actually began when she was crowned Miss Egypt in 1954, the same year she pursued an acting career in Paris.

In 2017, a film titled Dalida made its way to screens worldwide. The French biographical drama film details the life of the singer.

In 1987, Dalida's dead body was found after she committed suicide through consuming an overdose of soothing pills, and left a letter saying: 

"Forgive me, life can handle no more." 

She is buried in Montmartre - a hilltop district in Paris - home to artists such as Picasso and Dalí, where she moved in 1962.

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