If you're looking to make your Google Chrome tabs a bit artsy, this is definitely for you.

Google Arts & Culture  allows you to discover beautiful artwork via a extension f or your Chrome browser showcasing beautiful masterpieces from artists like Van Gogh to Monet.

Regional art is definitely not to be missed and the United Arab Emirates' Barjeel Art Foundation made sure of that. In collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, the foundation is bringing regional flavor into your tabs.

The collection includes 802 artworks from regional artists including Marwan Kassab-Bachi, Dia Azzawi and many more from countries including United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Syria and Palestine. The online collection also hosts 16 exhibits.

Here's a few of the amazing artwork that's been featured:

Emirati artist Hussain Sharif  beautifully mixes the colors


Kuwaiti artist Abdallah Al Qassar  falls nothing short of regional spirit


Kuwait's Adel El Khalaf  brings perfection to art

adel el khalaf

And Syrian Marwan Kassab Bachi  brightens up your day with his artwork


And Egyptian Saif Wanly  impresses with beautiful piece