If we want to talk high-profile #RelationshipGoals, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are right up there on the list. 

The couple has been going strong for two years, celebrating their 2nd anniversary earlier this week. 

The two officially began dating in late 2015 ... and well they're as adorable as ever.

Here's a look: 

And the "Best Couple's Costumes Award" this Halloween goes to...

Remember when the couple celebrated Eid with their moms?

*Summer Loving* indeed

They've even rocked photoshoots together

Several times actually

Birthday celebrations are kinda their thing

They've perfected black-and-white photos

It's their signature move really

The way she looks at him...

The way he looks at her...

They've got paparazzi photos down to the core

Striking a pose ... like it's easy

One word: AWWWW


And back to where it all first started ...