Late on Wednesday, Yemeni-Emirati singer Balqees Fathi announced she would be performing at Saudi Arabia's first-ever female only concert. 

The concert, which is set to be held in Jeddah on the 29th of November, comes as part of Saudi Arabia's celebrations of the UAE's national day, and is being organized by the kingdom's Entertainment Authority.

It comes a while after the authority announced several other concerts in Jeddah and Riyadh, including performances by international Pianist Yanni, Lebanese Musician Michel Fadel and Arab singer Kazem Al Saher. 

Mixed reactions on social media

Soon after news of the popular singer's concert started to circulate online, it divided people on social media.  

Some are completely against the concert

"Let's all unite to cancel Balqees' concert. We don't want singing in the kingdom. Respect our religion, our country and our people. We don't want sin."

A few sent out sinister warnings

"Be careful, an earthquake might happen during the concert. Do not go. I've repented because I feel the end of the world is near. Unnatural things keep happening."  

"We don't want singing, we want the holy Quran"

"This is just what we needed, songs and corruption"

Not everyone is against the concert though

"I feel like she's going to sing in the holy site."  

Some can't wait to attend

"Girls, I am going, who wants to join?"   

Others are hoping for more performances

"Let's hope Nawal Al Kuwaitiya is invited to sing in Riyadh soon."  

Many are raising this point

"She's performed in so many weddings in Saudi before. Now you're saying it's haram (unacceptable) because women are going to pay to see her sing instead of being invited to one of her performances?"