The first horror film to be written, directed and produced by Saudis has been released through YouTube.

The six-minute film, which stars an all-Saudi cast and was shot in the kingdom, is the first installment in a series that will be followed by other short films.

"Ghabash" was co-written and directed by Asem Al-Roumi, whose Asem Films specializes in shooting films and commercials in Riyadh, as well as covering special events and exhibitions through both videography and photography.

"Some of our work in the year 2015. We present our services in making films, commercials and covering events. We'd love to hear from you."

The horror film follows two young men who are on their way to Al-Kharj, a Saudi city that lies less than 100 kilometers south of Riyadh, as their path is intersected and changed by a ghost.

The film stars Koraytam, Mohamed El-Shadkhy and child actress Lamar El-Dousry. Badr El-Kothairy co-wrote the film with Al-Roumi, who also took part in the shooting of the short film.

The film received generally positive responses from viewers on the popular social media website, with many praising it and saying they're looking forward to the second film.