In recent days, Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot took to Instagram to call out Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his stance on the Arab population in Israel. 

This came after the prime minister challenged model and TV presenter Rotem Sela for highlighting the derogatory language towards Arabs in his electoral campaign - just ahead of the Knesset election in April. 

Sela did so in a story posted to Instagram in which she wrote: 

"When the hell will someone in this government let the Israeli public know that this is a country for all its citizens and that every person is born equal. And also, that the Arabs are human beings," she wrote, according to The Washington Post.

In response to the matter, Netanyahu assured Sela that "Israel is not a state for all its citizens." "According to a basic law we passed, Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people — and the Jewish people only," he added. 

The controversial law, which was passed in 2018, completely dismisses the 20 percent of the Arab population in Israel, and the prime minister seems to hold that discriminatory law on a pedestal.

"The Arab citizens have 22 nation states around them and they do not need another. We define Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, the nation-state of the Jewish people, with equal rights for all," he said on party webcast Likud TV.

Israeli-Arabs, also known as Arabs of '48, remained in the country after the State of Israel was created. According to the BBC, they have long been marginalized in the country and have been treated as second-class citizens.

The marginalization has manifested in the form of violence on numerous occasions. In February 2015, an Israeli Druze soldier was beaten up by Israeli youth after speaking Arabic in a nightclub.

Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman "came to the rescue" ... or did she?

Gadot, the lead actress in DC Comics movie Wonder Woman, responded to Netanyahu's anti-Arab rhetoric, gathering praise from media publications worldwide. 

"Loving your neighbor as yourself is not a matter of right-left, Jewish-Arab, secular or religious, it is a matter of dialogue, of dialogue for peace, equality and tolerance for each other," Gadot wrote on Instagram. 

"The responsibility for such hope is on us to create a brighter future for our children. Rotem, my sister, you're an inspiration for us all," she added.

But, where was the peace and tolerance when Gadot made a conscious decision to join the Israeli army? Gadot served in the Israeli army, which continues to oppress and murder Palestinians on a daily basis, for two years. She has also voiced her support for the Israeli military multiple times in the past and boasted about how her military training has helped her in her acting career.

During promotions for Wonder Woman, the actress explained how her own military training helped train her for the role she played in it. 

In 2014, Gadot publicly supported Israel's bombing of Gaza, which left more than 1,400 Palestinian civilians dead – including hundreds of women and children. During the conflict, the Zionist actress actually posted a photo of herself and her child praying in support of the Israeli troops.