Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, recently got stuck in an elevator for 20 minutes while on a public housing tour in Miami on Wednesday ... and it was actual NEWS. 

The story made international headlines, including the Huffington Post, The Guardian and even Politico

Yes it was news, but for us in Lebanon, we're just wondering why. 

We get stuck in elevators all the time ... like seriously all the time. 

So, dear Ben Carson, 

Keep Lebanon in mind the next time you get stuck in an elevator. It'll help you survive knowing that more than 4 million people know the struggle is real. 

We have something called an "elevator adrenaline rush"

And it's the definition of YOLO, for real

The situation has given a new meaning to #LebanesePickupLines

Being stuck in an elevator + sweating means one thing: take some selfies for memories

If you get really bored, try browsing social media

Or just dance the fear away ...

Feeling left out? Well, remember that in 2014 two Lebanese ministers got stuck in an elevator as well!

Two Lebanese ministers Wael Abou Faour and Akram Shehayeb got stuck in an elevator in 2014 for 15 whole minutes. 

Media reports said the two were trapped in the Wheat silos in Beirut's port due to a technical malfunction, according to Naharnet.  

Carson, believe us when we say ... you're not alone in this

There's a first time for everything Carson ... even for some of us in Lebanon

We sometimes tend to exaggerate the struggle ...

So we're really not judging ...

But, just remember that getting stuck in an elevator is ... kteer 3ADE