Earlier this week, a Twitter troll decided to tweet a photo of a tornado drill at a school in the U.S. claiming that the students were being "forced" into performing the Muslim prayer. 

Many people believe the account "cuckpatroller" is a satirical one, but it seems as though Twitter did not let it slide - suspending the account soon after it began making the rounds on social media. 

The photo is actually one from 2013, after the state of Ohio announced severe weather warnings.  

Teachers at the Miamisburg school were advised to take precautionary measures by having their students line against opposing walls. It was considered a practice drill in case a tornado struck.

But, thanks to Islamophobia ... this false claim began spreading like wildfire. 

The original tweet began going viral on Twitter, and contrary to what you might think, many people actually fell for it.

Exhibit A:

But, of course there were many who spoke out against the hate by responding to the false claims using cold, hard facts.

For starters: "Muslims don't line their uncovered heads against a wall"

Twitter threads that followed were pretty heated, REALLY heated

Some decided to tweet out real images of Muslims praying ...

Many resorted to good ol' logic

Source: Twitter/2xfo

"They're not even all facing the same direction"

A simple Google search would have sufficed

Really the image was just an "Islamophobia test" ...

The number of people who fell for it is still "a bit scary"