France's Senate recently voted to ban hijabi mothers from going on school trips with their kids, The Independent reported.

The legislation had been previously rejected by the parliament's lower house, but was approved by its upper house with 186 votes in favor, 100 votes against, and 159 abstaining votes.

Though the ban's text covers "conspicuous religious symbols," it will mostly affect Muslim parents. The ban was proposed by the country's center-right Republicans party, with members describing it as a rule that "prohibits the wearing of the veil during school trips." 

The rule is an extension of existing laws that prohibit Muslim students from wearing hijabs in primary and secondary schools across France. 

Though the ban has technically passed, the French government has plans to overturn it in the national assembly.

In a statement, the country's minister of education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, said that even though he respects those who pushed for the passing of the ban, he doesn't see eye to eye with them.

"This bill is contrary to the Council of State's decision and will create many problems in the development of school trips," he explained. 

Opposition socialist Senator Viviane Artigalas also spoke out against the rule, saying "secularism was being used as a 'pretext' for pushing the ban."

Other politicians who are against the prohibition argued that it will translate into the cancellation of school trips in entire Muslim-majority neighborhoods. 

People found the latest ban ridiculous

And mainly targets Islam while neglecting other religions

"Wonder what Her Majesty makes of that?"

"Yet another law with no basis in justice and wisdom, designed only to exclude Muslim women"

Bans on Islamic head veils are on the rise all over Europe

France has long targeted Muslim women who wear head veils, suspending them from "schools and colleges for wearing the garment." 

In 2011, the country also banned Islamic face coverings (niqabs and burqas) in all public spaces. Though it's considered the most vigilant in passing laws against the Islamic head and face coverings, France isn't alone in issuing bans against them.

Just last week, Austrian MPs approved a law aimed at banning the headscarf in primary schools. The decision comes two years after the country enforced a burqa ban, prohibiting Muslim women from wearing the outer garment used to cover themselves.

Countries across Europe including Belgium, Denmark, and Germany have implemented a similar ban in recent years.