In recent months, a newly opened Egyptian restaurant has taken Cairo by storm.

Named "Garemt Akl" (Food Crime), the entire place is designed to look and feel like a prison.

The restaurant serves authentic Egyptian street food and from its interior to the menu and serving trays, no stone was left unturned to create the look and the feel.  

Even the nomenclature used for the sizing of the dishes they serve follows the central theme. A large order for example is called an “execution,” a medium sized one is a “life sentence,” while the smallest is labelled a “misdemeanor.” 

Speaking to Al Arabiya English, Ahmad Hamad, one of the restaurant’s owners and the man behind the name, says "the place has been set up this way to be 'attractive and different.'"

He also explains that their clients often tell them that they "haven’t missed out on any detail.”

Even though the restaurant has been receiving many positive reviews, particularly on social media, it has also been frowned upon by some who feel that the whole idea is bizarre and even insensitive to prisoners and their families.

Hamad responds to that by saying that none of the partners "intend to be disrespectful to anyone," adding that the whole idea was executed "in good spirit and humor.”

The restaurant's menu has certainly caught people's attention on social media

"You've got to love the meal names: 'life sentence' and 'execution'." 

One of a kind experience

The interior of the restaurant features handcuffs, chains, hanging ropes and other items that were designed specifically for the venture. 

Its guests can also choose to have their mugshots taken during dinner.