Morocco's King Mohammed VI has been in France this week to discuss bilateral ties with President François Hollande.

In a statement, the two leaders said they were confident in the vitality of their nations' exceptional partnership. 

And while that is all very important, everyone's actually talking about this selfie

As French-Moroccan actor and comedian Jamel Debbouze snapped the selfie, a photographer captured the candid moment between the Moroccan king, the French president and the entertainer. 

But this definitely isn't a first for the stylish Moroccan monarch. He's become known for candidly posing for selfies with celebrities and everyday Moroccans. 

Here's Mohammed VI with singer Maître Gims

Casual and cool. 

Here he is with television presenter and model Leila Hadioui

Pull-over to take a selfie? 

Here's one with a random Moroccan citizen

A man of the people. 

And with a group of Moroccans in Amsterdam ...

Sometimes the king even opens his car window to say hi

After all, he really seems to love these car window selfies ...