Dubai is all about "high ratings" and toilets are no different.

The toilet fascination first surfaced in 2016 with DLReview, aka Dubai Loo Review, on Instagram. The person behind the account takes photos of toilets, sinks, and urinals at some of Dubai's top ranked hotels and restaurants then posts them on Instagram with a short review.

If it was just one Instagram account, we would've let it slide. But, it seems the fascination with public bathrooms has spread. "Bathrooms of Dubai" is yet another Instagram account with the same goal. According to the description of the account, it is run by a "bored journalist."

To give you a hint of some of the reviews, here are some posts shared on Instagram. The person behind the account rates the bathrooms out of 10, with 10 being the highest score a toilet could get.

Anyway, who knew toilets would ever get a rating ... on Instagram? 

"Plush Seating" at Burj Al Arab (5/10)

"A small glimpse into the toilets at 'the world's only 7-star hotel.' Much like the rest of the hotel, these bathrooms next to the Burj Al Arab's ballroom look opulent and gaudy, and just not really that imaginative. I do like the color, though, and the plush seating."

Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai (7/10)

"Nothing hugely original about these bathrooms at the newly opened Emerald Palace Kempinski in Dubai, but everything is done pretty well. The fixtures are solid, the finishings like the chandelier are beautiful, and the Salvatore Ferragamo soap and lotion are a decent addition. That said they didn't blow my mind, they smell like old man cologne. No complaints really with this bathroom, a good - if a bit unoriginal - palatial toilet to compliment an ostentatious, palatial hotel."

Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall (9/10)

"Absolutely incredible bathrooms at Dubai Mall's new Fashion Avenue extension. These are the men's toilet cubicles, and they resemble Emirates Airline's first class cabin. Complete with your own sink and towels, it is spacious and bright. My favorite feature is the gold Kohler tap, which is just so sleek and nice to use. My only complaint was the flushing mechanism on the toilet wasn't great, and the toilet seat itself was too wide. Other than that it was an incredible bathroom, and as you can see from the other photos, the rest of it was pretty special too."

Rove Downtown Dubai (6/10)

"I am a fan of neutral colors like grey. I like my toilets to feel like psychiatric wards. Muted. Scandinavian, almost. This bathroom at the Rove hotel, one of Dubai's real stand out three star chains, is very cool. Simple, clean, sophisticated and modern. Much like the rest of the hotel, it's well thought-through. There's really nothing spectacular about this bathroom, but that's kinda part of its appeal."