In recent years, sexist Arab men have compared women to lollipops and wrapped candy in a bid to perpetuate misogynistic ideas that objectify females. 

Now, one of these men is comparing women to oranges, using a metaphor that suggests an untouched fruit is "purer" than one that has been peeled. 

In a tweet he posted on Saturday, Kuwaiti writer Hani Abdel Razek Al Nbhan posted an image featuring a peeled orange and another that isn't. Captioning his upload, he wrote - while making sure the little "witty" caption rhymes: 

"Which of the two is more beautiful and better to own? Is it the one that's covered up? Or the one that's naked? What's your opinion on this?"

Al Nbhan's post was surely not received with open arms, and had people give their best shots at shutting him down. 

Thousands of women who are sick and tired of being compared to objects hit back at Al Nbhan's tweet. Men also chimed in and argued against the writer's rhetoric. 

Some tweeps were simply outraged by the post and criticized everything it represents. Others hilariously trolled Al Nbhan over it with reactions that were just right on point.

Amid the backlash, the writer uploaded a series of videos in which he tried to justify his original post, but people were still having none of it.

Many just couldn't even with the whole thing

"This is the stupidest tweet I've ever come across." 

The post left people infuriated

"Ownership, modesty, nakedness... stupidity." 

"By the way, women are human beings not objects"

Women powerfully hit back at this with humor

"The more beautiful and favorable thing for you to do is to launch a vegetable stall"

"That'll be of more benefit to you."

The trolling was endless

But it was right on point

"We've moved on from lollipops to oranges, we're evolving"

"Evolution is real y'all"

"Orange is the new massassa"

"I suggest you cover up that brain of yours first, because it's more naked than that orange"