Public displays of affection are frowned upon in the United Arab Emirates but you'd think a casual peck on the cheek with your cousin would get a pass.

Apparently not. Emirati singer Shamma Hamdan found that out the hard way. The "Arabs Got Talent" alumnus posted a short video selfie with her cousin where he gives her a farewell peck on the cheek before traveling.

According to Al Bawaba, Hamdan also commented on the video saying, "My dearly beloved, wish you a safe trip."

Nothing seems that strange about cousins showing each other some casual love, right? Well, Laha Mag reported that social media users in the Emirates and throughout the Gulf highly criticized the video as obscene and as going against Emirati traditions.

We doubt Hamdan and her cousin ever imagined that their harmless video would cause any scandal, but hey, now that it has, they say any publicity is good publicity, right? We're on you're side Hamdan, go right ahead and show your family the love.