The number of vegans, people who follow a diet in which they abstain from consuming animal products, has been increasing over the years. And Emirates has witnessed the spike first-hand.

During the month of January, the airline reported a 40 percent increase in vegan meal requests. This comes as the first month of the year encourages veganism through "Veganuary."

With that, Emirates announced they've served "over 20,000 vegan meals" in one month.

The in-flight menu included more than 170 vegan meals such as mushroom ravioli and lentil spinach stew with brown rice.

Towards the end of 2018, Emirates was voted "Best Airline for Vegan Meals" by vegan travelers. This came as a result of a poll conducted by Vegan News, which asked 154 travelers their preferred airline for plant-based meals.

According to The Guardian, a record 250,000 people from around the world embraced veganism during the month of January.

"Veganuary" was first launched in 2014, but the number of pledges for 2019 "exceeded those in the previous four years combined." 



"I love the quality of food and great cabin crew"