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Source: Watan Serb

Earlier this week, the case of a Kuwaiti couple who got divorced just minutes after getting married went viral on Twitter.

According to Q8 News, the duo separated even before walking out of the court in which they had just signed their marriage contract.

News outlets reported that the bride got upset after the groom insulted her for tripping while walking out of the court hall. Instead of lending her a helping hand, the man called her "stupid" for stumbling.

Angered by his reaction to her fall on their wedding day, the woman walked right back into the court room and demanded a separation.

Now dubbed "the quickest divorce in Kuwait," the case went viral on Twitter shortly after it was first reported. 

As it continued to make the rounds online, many expressed their shock at the case, while others reacted to the whole thing with humor.

Some were all for the woman's decision

"A strong woman... I would've done the same thing." 

"Yup, that's me right there"

"If this is how he acts right at the beginning, it's better to leave him"

"A marriage with no respect, is a failed one right from the beginning"

"If this is the language he uses, he shouldn't get married."

Some couldn't even with the news

"I can't believe this." 

And thought the newlywed woman was just looking for an excuse to get a divorce

"She's nitpicking for a divorce." 

Divorce rates are on the rise in the Gulf state

Divorce rates have been consistently high in recent years and 2019 doesn't seem to bring any difference.

According to surveys, Kuwait ranks 2nd in the Arab world when it comes to highest divorce rates.

In 2017, statistics released by Kuwait's Ministry of Justice revealed that around 60 percent of marriages in the country ended in divorce.

The reasons for divorce - outside the traditional reasons - include "interest-driven marriages" which suggests that newlyweds get married for the loans and financial assistance provided to them.