Lebanese artist and women's rights activist, Elissa, is out with a new music video depicting the life of Dany Bustrosa Lebanese aristocrat and belly dancer who committed suicide after her only son's death. 

In December 1998, Lebanon was stunned after Bustros' body was found in the bedroom of her house in Adma, lying in a pool of blood with a pistol by her side. 

Nearly two decades later, Elissa tells Bustros' story in a music video that has left the country speechless, yet again. 

"Looking at her, you would never imagine the amount of pain she carried," the voice-over says in the opening of the song. 

The song, titled '3aks Elli Shayfenha,' translates to 'the opposite of what you see.' It sheds light on the reality of depression and mental health. 

The music video, directed by the brilliant Angy Jammal, has already garnered over 8 million plays on the music-streaming website, Anghami, in less than 24 hours. 

"Behind every smile there is a pain that no one can ever know or see."

Emotions were triggered

"You broke my heart with this music video."

More than a few tears were shed

Elissa + Jammal = Incredible team

"There is so much chemistry" between the two

People just couldn't find the words

"No words. Can't say anything."

"Just wow."

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"You are always awesome Elissa."

"Amazing work," indeed.