After beating Japan last week, Saudi Arabia became the first Arab country to secure a spot in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Now, the focus turns to the Egyptians. 

They are on the edge of their seats, as they are hoping and eagerly waiting for their dream to come true and see their country become the second Arab nation to follow Saudi Arabia to the much-anticipated international football tournament in Russia. 

After a strong performance on the pitch, Egypt's national team, led by coach Héctor Cúperwon its qualifying game against Uganda.

The victory was secured with a single goal scored only 6 minutes into the match.

Humour is what keeps Egyptians going, and with no time wasted, Egyptians started turning the match into hilarious memes, during and after the contest.

We've highlighted some of the best memes to cheer you up.


1. Medhat Shalaby's comments on the match just took the cake!

Egyptians are used to watching games with post-match commentary from captain Medhat Shalaby.

His latest comments on the Uganda-Egypt game, however, was the epitome of hilarity.

Don't worry if you're confused while watching any Egyptian matches, captain Medhat will be there to confuse us all even more!

2. Some footage reminded us of Snapchat!

We were waiting for the flower crown to pop up! 

3. Meet the man of the match...

Mohamed Salah was all about multi-tasking! 

4. Hats off, Abu Salah

"Mohamed Salah: Right wing, left wing, attack, midfield and defence... until we have a team."

5. Again, we come back to Medhat Shalaby's entertainment!

"After talking about elephants and dolphins, let's talk about the Panda!"

6. Take-home message: Uganda is not the Panda!

7. Shalaby created a monster!

"The panda bear, the panda bear, the panda bear, the panda bear, the panda bear, the panda bear, the panda bear!"

8. Poor pandas couldn't take it any more!

Medhat Shalaby single-handedly managed to offend the cutest bears on the face of the earth!

9. Analysts got worried

"What are we going to do with this performance?!" 

"That is if we qualify in the first place!"

10 . But no matter what, we're happy with the results...

"Look, Mr Cúper, I don't like you and I can't stand your spectacles, but I'm happy!"

11. Go have some Fatta!

"Welcome, Abu Salah!"

"Hey you, Cúper, go look for any plate of Fatta!"

12. To sum up the whole match:

The summary of the game, according to Medhat Shalaby: 

"Uganda is not the Panda: 55 times

Oh my God: 33 times

Let this game pass and then we will talk as much as we want: 12 times"

13. At the end of the day, nothing is better than this photo!

Lala land 101!