Last month Cairo was named the worst megacity for women on the backdrop of harmful cultural practices, such as female genital mutilation and forced marriages. The Egyptian capital also ranked as the third worst city in terms of sexual harassment and violence, after Delhi and Sao Paulo.

According to a 2013 UN Women report, 99.3 percent of Egyptian women say they have been the victim of sexual harassment

Contrary to popular opinion, sexual harassment and assault in Egypt occur irrespective of a woman’s appearance, conduct or manner of dress.

This is why many Egyptians have taken to Twitter with this viral hashtag: التحرش_انتشر_ليه#  (Why is sexual harassment widespread?) to voice their opinion on why they think sexual harassment happens. 

1. "Not raising our children properly and not respecting and appreciating women as fellow human beings and equal partners!"

2. Egyptian media is also to blame

"Our media and film industry portray women in a degrading manner. They focus on presenting them as elements of seduction, encouraging younger generations to see them [women] as mere sexual objects."

3. We lecture women on how to avoid harassment but we forget to teach men to behave in the first place!

4. Some blamed sexual frustration

5. While others blamed it on the lack of chivalry

6. It is widespread because of sick minds and hearts!

7. Sadly, some resorted to victim blaming...

Only to get schooled: 

Twitter user 1: "When you see a woman dressed provocatively, know that she deserves what she's getting." 

Twitter user 2: "So, killing someone because they provoked us is excusable? Stealing something is excusable? Drinking during Ramadan too?" 

8. These two tweets explain the problem perfectly!