Feseekh, is a popular Egyptian dish mostly enjoyed during Sham El-Nisim (smelling of the breeze), a national holiday where all Egyptians mark the beginning of spring.

The fermented, salted and dried grey mullet dish is already widely known and enjoyed in Egypt, but this week it gained even more popularity when people launched the hashtag #حط_فسيخ_مكان_اسم_فيلم (put the word Feseekh in a well known film title).

The hashtag has been trending on Twitter and has resulted in hundreds of suggestions.

A few are really funny:

1. "Beauty and the Feseekh."

2. "Fifty Shades of Feseekh."

3. "Need for Feseekh."

4. "Feseekh fil gam3a el Americia."

5. "The Feseekh of the Caribbean."

6. "The Feseekh of Wall Street."

7. "Harry Potter and the Feseekh Stone."

8. "Al Raqs ma3 el Feseekh."

9. "Lord of the feseekh: One ringa to feseekh them all."

10. The ultimate award winner... "Feseekh Land."