A gunman shot and killed two men in east Lebanon on Monday, local media reported.

The crime took place in Qubb Elias, eastern Bekaa Valley, and the victims have been identified as Khalil Q. and Talal A.

While the motive behind the double murder remains unclear, local television stations and people on social media have been sharing different versions to the story. 

According to Annahar, the assailant had stopped by a coffee express van, run by Talal, 55, early Monday morning. He had asked the vendor for a cup of coffee before an argument between the two ensued. 

Khalil Q., a passerby who left his car to help end the dispute, was shot alongside Talal A. by the gunman who reportedly lost control. 

Some on social media claimed that the gunman, identified as Mark Y., had been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crime. Others blamed drugs. 

The assailant has since turned himself in to the State Security Directorate.

Tensions escalated in Qubb Elias following the incident, and the families of both victims were outraged.

Annahar reported that a number men also attacked stores owned by the father of the gunman. The Lebanese army eventually intervened, preventing the situation from further escalating. 

The gunman's family later released a statement expressing their utmost regret over the murders.

“We immediately handed over our son to the authorities, because we believe in the justice of the institutions ... We consider ourselves advocates of coexistence and have always lived in peace with everyone in both Qubb Elias and its neighboring villages," the statement read. 

While many on social media platforms and local television channels called for the execution of the gunman, in Lebanon the government has instituted a  de facto moratorium (a law ending mandatory death sentencing) on the practice.

And even though the execution law has yet to be officially abolished, it has not been in practice since 2004. 

People expressed their outrage over the double murder on Twitter:

"How has it come to this? How can a human being's life mean nothing? How can lawlessness be a fact of life in this country? I don't even know what to say anymore!"

"We're always making excuses for criminals, either they're drunk or under the influence of drugs. We always forget to ask the most important question, why were they holding a weapon in the first place? Why do most people in this country carry weapons?"

"We hope that the coffee in prison lives up to your expectations."

"A weapon held by those who are reckless, hurts."

"God bless the souls of the two victims and give their families peace. The only person responsible for this crime is the gunman who turned himself in. We are all law abiding citizens, law is our only guarantee and hope for the future."

"We were supposed to wake up to the sounds of joy during this festive season, but unfortunately we woke up to the sounds of gunshots."