Khalid Al Joundi Source: YouTube

Egyptian preacher Khalid Al Joundi sparked an online meltdown after saying private parts and sexual relations won't exist in heaven.

The Islamic scholar made the statement earlier this week during an episode of a TV program he hosts on Egypt's DMC channel. It came as part of a segment where he discussed the afterlife.

"In the afterlife, the moment we die, we no longer have reproductive or excretory organs. There are no stools, no urine. I am discussing this in detail because this part has always created a problem for people. Therefore, sexual and excretory activities end when a person dies," he said.

"There are no toilets in the afterlife. You won't pee, you won't pass stool. People don't reproduce in heaven, no pregnancies or anything related to that. There are no sexual relations in heaven. It's a place that's over and above the things we do in this world," he added.

Just hours after the preacher's statement started to make the rounds online, it sparked a hilarious meltdown that has yet to quiet down. 

The segment inspired hilarious memes

"When you watch Khaled Al Joundi saying there are no reproductive organs in heaven."

There were so many of them

"Come on everyone, get everything done in this world"

"Because in the afterlife, so many things will disappear." 

"Khaled Al Joundi is handling the marketing for hell this season"

Muslims be like

"Khaled Al Joundi: There are no sexual relations in heaven. 

Muslims: ..."

Some think there's nothing to back up this cleric's words

"Everything you said is just subjective and can't be proved."

Al Joundi has since responded to the backlash over his edict

Amid the intense backlash sparked by his edict on the afterlife, Al Joundi responded with another statement he made on his show. 

In it, he explained that "his words exposed the haters and enemies of Islam." 

He also stated that his stance on the afterlife is a "huge blow" to terrorist organizations who often "lure young people into joining them by telling them they'll get sexual pleasure in heaven."