Over the weekend, Egyptian men launched a controversial Twitter campaign to complain about the rising cost of getting married in the country.

Under a hashtag titled "let her become a spinster," thousands of men announced they're boycotting marriage. The reasons? Egyptian women and their families have become "too demanding" when it comes to dowries and other wedding-related expenses. 

Though some made sensible arguments stating wedding parties have become too extravagant for what anyone can afford, others weren't as focused on the socio-economic factors behind the issue at hand.

Instead, they uploaded the most insulting, sexist tweets targeting Egyptian women, who were all there to epically shut them down. 

It all started when someone launched this online campaign

Many felt the movement represented them

"Since marriage has become an expensive commodity most young men can't afford and since women are OK with that and don't want to backtrack on this silliness... let her become a spinster." 

"All my support"

But Egyptian women were all there to hit back at them

"As if we could stand you in the first place." 

"What... we do a prayer to seek guidance before we reject you"

"And you think we're going to be upset... we're going to ululate"

"Let me hear the best shout out to spinsterhood, health, and freedom"


"By the way, you're going to become spinsters too." 

Some suggested women should launch a retaliatory campaign

"After this campaign, we decided to boycott marriage for the same reason... things are expensive and so #LetHimGoExtinct." 

And a retaliatory campaign they launched indeed

On Monday, Egyptian women officially launched a campaign that came as a response to the "let her become a spinster" hashtag.

Titled "stay on your mom's laps," the retaliatory hashtag saw hundreds of women hit back at the insults that were hurled at them.