Egyptian media Tycoon Wael El Ebrashy took a powerful yet horrid stance against actor Khaled Abou El Naga for changing his Facebook profile picture to a rainbow flag in celebration of gay marriage equality in America. He also stated that such "vile" actions are not in line with the traditions of Egyptian society.

According to Youm7, Ebrashy openly attacked the actor and said that "to be free does not mean that any person should raise such a slogan because Egypt has its own traditions." He then went to say that "it is not right to impose on his personal life because we disagree with his lifestyle but we are discussing this unholy and unjustified excuse for gay marriage."

During his show, "Al Asheira Masa'an," Ebrashy spoke directly to his audience saying that "Egypt will not address such acts or demands made by the United Nations and refuses to accept gay marriage or LGBT rights because that will essentially destroy family values the Egyptian society."