On Friday, young Egyptian newlyweds were pronounced dead just hours after celebrating their marriage.

According to Sky News Arabia, the bodies of the 27-year-old groom and 24-year-old bride were found in their apartment. 

Sources told press the cause of death was "poisoning caused by gas leak related to a faulty water heater." The coroner who examined the bodies confirmed the couple had inhaled hot water steam after it had mixed with the leaking gas coming from the heater, causing their death.

Many couldn't believe it

"What is this?"

"There's no strength or power but in God"

"May they rest in peace"

Not the first time a similar tragic case is reported in Egypt

In 2017, another Egyptian couple died of gas leak poisoning on the night of their wedding

The incident took place in Egypt's Kafar Al Zayat. At the time, a local coroner confirmed that the newlyweds passed away due to suffocation caused by the excess gas.