Angelina Jolie. Rogena.

Egyptian actress Rogena is at the center of a hilarious social media storm sparked by a photo she posted on Instagram. 

Uploaded earlier this week, the image saw her compare herself to American actress Angelina Jolie.

While a few fans tried to play along with the star, claiming she was only making a joke, others were having none of that and hilariously trolled the post. 

It all started when Rogena posted this image on Instagram...

The actress captioned the post: "Rogena Jolie." 

Sparking a hilarious online frenzy

Some said the Egyptian star might've been kidding...

"What's wrong with all of you? She's clearly making a joke."

Others were having none of that

"You took it too far Rogena, too far." 

The post left some speechless

One word: NO

"Keep dreaming"

The difference between...

"Kafr Al Sheikh and Sharm El Sheikh." 

The trolling was endless

"Are you twins?" 

"La ya ragel!"

April Fool's Day came early this year

"Don't even try"