On Sunday, the agenda of the 29th Arab League Summit held in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, mainly focused on the latest regional political turmoils.

It covered topics such as U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to move the country's embassy in Israel to Occupied Jerusalem, the tensions between Gulf countries and Iran, and the escalations in Yemen and Syria. 

Putting politics aside, Egyptian Twitter flooded with jokes after Egyptian President Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi appeared to mispronounce "ballistic missiles", instead saying "plastic missiles" in his speech at the summit.

A trolling campaign turned into a viral hashtag on Twitter, الصواريخ_البلاستيكيه# (#PlasticMissiles,) reaching the top trends in Egypt.

These reactions and interpretations will make you LOL:

It all started with this tongue slip...

In his now-viral speech, Sisi called out Houthi rebels in Yemen, saying "Egypt will not accept the shelling of Saudi Arabian territories with ballistic missiles." 

And to most people, it sounded like he said "plastic missiles", ultimately sending Egyptian tweeps into a hysterical laughing session.

... and hell broke loose

"Oh, plastic people in the plastic homeland."

The hashtag was top trending

"Thank you, Mr. President, for cheering us up. Nothing can make the Egyptian people happy besides Mohamed Salah's goals and your bloopers."

Jokes were endless

"We found the plastic missiles that were used to attack Saudi Arabia."

Water guns made an appearance

"In a week from now, we will start employing water guns with hot sauce too."

"Breaking in Houthis' enclave and confiscating the ammunition"

Tweeps made sure to correct him

"It's ballistic ya Sisi!"

Some came up with a plot twist

"Soon they will try to convince us that it's pronounced that way and we've been saying it wrong all this time."

This is the only plastic missile Egyptians are familiar with

"Old slippers for sale! Old plastic missiles for sale!"

Too much embarrassment for one day

"Launching plastic missiles to hit their target"

Helal & Negma plastic factories

"The source of these plastic missiles."

"After we raised him and educated him he says plastic missiles"

"Plastic missiles are one of the most famous weapons in human history"

Egyptian humor at its best

"- Is there anything called plastic missiles?

- Of course! What did you think?"

"How Egyptians look like whenever Sisi has a speech coming up"

Previous Presidents were brought into this

"So you're telling the world that Egypt will not tolerate the attack on Saudi Arabia with plastic missiles? Have I been training you for 30 years at the Helal & Negma plastic factory or what?"

Sisi supporters had his back

"Oh, so now everyone is a specialist in rocket science!"

He got some support from Saudi tweeps as well

"Sisi didn't make a mistake. He pronounced the word 'ballistic' in English, so he said it correctly."