Just like their ancestors, in modern Egyptian households, many families hold on to superstitious beliefs that at times can be scary and more often than not completely hilarious.

We grew up seeing our mothers burning incense for good luck and to protect their houses from the apocalyptic destructive powers of envious distant cousins. 

Some of them even believe that throwing a pinch of salt over the shoulder will ward off the infamous evil eye and not saying mashallah could potentially lead to severe consequences.

If you think those two cultural practices are crazy, you need to check out this list of far more interesting beliefs.

Here are some hilarious superstitions that run in many Egyptian households:

1. Sweeping the floor at night

Do you want to curse the house?

2. Fallen or cut hair shouldn't be thrown in the trash

As someone might use it to do black magic.

3. Seeing a black cat at the beginning of the day is bad luck

4. Careful with the scissors

Source: YouTube

Repeatedly opening and closing scissors without cutting anything is thought to lead to fights between people.

5. Spilling Turkish coffee is good luck

Source: Innfrad

Spilling your cup of Turkish coffee usually makes the elderly happy for you and wish you a great day ahead. 

6. "Khamsa we khmeisa" will protect you from the evil eye

Some people believe the open palm symbol protects you from envy. 

7. Just like the turquoise necklaces and lockets

This is why some Egyptian families attach a golden pin with a turquoise bead to a newborn's clothes.

8. You have to gasp loudly while making Molokhiya for it to be good

You bring the garlic and coriander mix and yalla, gasp at the top of your lungs as you pour it into the Molokhiya. 

9. A shebsheb facing upside down is a no no

Source: Identity Mag

10. If a bird poops on you, it's definitely a good omen

11. Wearing your flannel inside out - by mistake - is bad luck

12. Looking into a broken mirror is bad luck

13. Two ladies who have just given birth should be kept away from one another

Otherwise, the breast milk will dry out and there will be no food for the babies...

14. Pinching the bride in her knee brings good luck to single ladies

15. Taking off your engagement ring is bad luck

That means a breakup is around the corner. 

16. Itchy palms are a good omen

That means someone is going to give you money. 

17. A cat meowing at your doorstep is bad luck

How can these cute puff-balls be bad luck?

18. Owls are just bad luck with wings

Some even call envious people owls. 

19. Not to mention that the sound of crows means someone is going to die

A series of loud caws can seriously scare the heck out of some old people. 

20. Guests have to finish all of their food and drinks for someone to get married

Some families would keep pressing on guests to finish their plates because they have daughters they want to marry off...

The guests should finish it all otherwise the single ladies of the house won't find husbands!