Egypt's goalkeeper at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Mohamed El Shenawyis making headlines for something other than his skilled performance during his team's game against Uruguay last Friday.

After the match, the 29-year-old was announced the best player of the game and handed the Man of the Match Award.

However, El Shenawy refused to accept it because it's sponsored by alcohol giant Budweiser, an official World Cup sponsor. 

The reason behind the goalkeeper's rejection of the award is that he felt it would go against his beliefs as a Muslim, as his faith prohibits the consumption of alcohol.

The moment El Shenawy snubbed the award has now gone viral

The Egyptian football team member is the first Muslim to receive the award at this year's World Cup in Russia.

After he rejected it, El Shenawy was not featured on the company's official Twitter account, which usually posts every game's award winners.

His decision is causing quite the controversy

Some hailed El Shenawy for standing up for his personal beliefs

"The man has the right to accept or reject it"

Many felt it was the right thing to do

Others couldn't disagree more though

And thought the move was uncalled for

Some just couldn't even with the incident