Earlier this week, Egyptian authorities banned a popular children's toy deemed insulting to the country's president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, The New Arab reported

The "clacker toy," which is the latest craze to hit Egypt, is also known by another name: "Sisi's testicles." 

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Giza Security Directorate said, "police have arrested 41 clacker sellers, seizing 1,403 pairs of the 'offensive' toy." 

"The head of the Directorate has decided to firmly confront the merchants of this toy and curb all negative behavior that angers citizens [sic]," the statement read.

"A campaign has been launched over the past two days to get rid of this phenomenon and challenge the negative behavior of children, which has had an impact on citizens' state of mind [sic]," it added.

The latest news reports stated that teachers in public schools across the country have also been ordered to confiscate the toy from students.

It's called: Sisi's balls

And it's resulting in a hilarious meltdown on social media

"Police are neglecting all other issues and are working on collecting Sisi's balls." 

"Sisi's clackers are driving authorities nuts"

Many are turning to sarcasm

"In a blow to terrorists in the country, authorities have arrested a terrorist cell promoting Sisi's balls." 

Authorities call the toy "Panadol," people, not so much...

"El Sisi's testicles are more famous than his own achievements"