Dubai's Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan just hit 8 million followers on Instagram, marking quite the milestone for him on the platform. 

It's no surprise that his following is on the rise, given that his photos, selfies, and videos are pretty cool, to say the least. From pics capturing his love of adventure and wildlife, to time-lapse videos featuring Dubai's incredible views, the crown prince wins the internet one post at a time.

Here are a few times the crown prince won over the internet by posting the coolest things on Instagram: 

1. Swimming with sharks

2. Feeding a camel

3. Selfie-ing at the top of the world's tallest building

4. Posing for a click with a giraffe

5. Capturing a thunderstorm

6. Time-lapsing Dubai's fog

7. Flying like no on else can

8. Chilling at the bottom of the sea

9. Driving his uncle's car

10. Casually petting a lion

11. Sharing chill royal family moments

12. And heartwarming ones as well

13. Clicking his next viral Instagram post

14. Sending out the coolest throw backs