In the latest episode of "WTF did I just witness on social media," a Tunisian pop diva tried to convince her followers that she is the long-awaited redeemer of Islam, Al-Mahdi.

Iman Lamiri, a former contestant on the pan-Arab talent show Star Academy, has raised eyebrows after claiming she is "the chosen one" in multiple social media posts. 

"I have been chosen and I will not back down. I have evidence to prove my claims," she said, insisting that she is "here to promote peace and unity."

Lamiri, who had participated in the fifth season of Star Academy, shared the details of her alleged religious revelation with her 404,000 followers on Instagram.

"I plead with you all. I swear I don't want anything. I am Al-Mahdi," she said in a video shared on Instagram stories.

In a series of incoherent statements, Lamiri wrote that she has lived three lifetimes and has finally reached "internal peace." According to her statements, the singer has experienced spiritual dreams since childhood, including a dream in which she allegedly saw Prophet Muhammad. She has also faced injustice throughout her life, having been raped and having lost her father as a child. 

Additionally, Lamiri admitted to having struggled with suicidal thoughts and hearing the sound of bells.

"My hands are like flames and my back is burning. Judgement Day is near. Please support me in my journey," she said.

Lamiri's statements drew polarized reactions online, with many social media users insulting or mocking her. Meanwhile, others expressed their concerns about her mental health and advised her to seek professional help.

Throughout history, many individuals have claimed to be Al-Mahdi, who is expected to appear before the Day of Judgment, according to some Islamic traditions. 

In February 2017, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Nasr, a famous Egyptian television preacher known as Sheikh Mizo, was sentenced to five years in prison for contempt of religion after claiming to be Al-Mahdi on Facebook.

Another Egyptian man, Ahmed Abdelbaki Al-Taher, told Youm7 in May 2017 that he is Al-Mahdi and claimed to introduce a new holy book that would "change the course of history."