After three years of on-and-off dating, lots of rumors, some fans, and many envious haters, Rihanna and her billionaire Saudi BF have officially called it quits.

According to sources who spoke to Us Weekly, the Grammy-winning singer recently ended her relationship with Hassan Jameel, which had been ongoing since 2017. The 31-year-old businessman and RiRi gave us all hope that they found love ... in a hopeless place. Years later, their love proved to be a hopeless case. 

The Barbadian superstar was incredibly private about her romantic life over the years, having briefly spoken about it once in an interview last year. At the time, Rihanna confirmed that she was "of course" in love with Jameel but she didn't seem too keen on marriage plans. And now we know why. 

When RiRi first started dating Jameel, not much was known about him. He was later identified as the deputy president and vice chairman of a family business, Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic; his family was named among the richest Middle Eastern families by Forbes in 2016, worth $1.5 billion.

Since then, the couple has been spotted in public together and has made international headlines. Back in August, the notoriously private couple was spotted having dinner with the Barbadian superstar's family. Speaking to People Magazine, an onlooker who saw the duo at dinner confirmed they were accompanied by Rihanna's mother and one of her three brothers. 

Meeting the "FAM" seemed like quite the serious move for the couple, so serious that we started thinking this was IT for the both of them. The fact that one source claimed that "Rihanna and Hassan understand each other very well and their personalities mesh well together" a month after that made it seem like the couple's bond is unbreakable. 

Well, we were deceived, it seems. 

The Muslim internet has been letting RiRi know they're single

And "straight outta Saudi Arabia"

Bahraini next?

But Rihanna isn't the only one. Jameel's got some fans, too

Aside from that, countless jokes ensued

"He got tired of waiting for the album"

Requests had to be made

Selfish wishes had to be sent

Because people just want Rihanna to drop a new album

Valid Question: "How the hell Rihanna dropping billionaire boyfriends but NOT ALBUMS"

It's been nearly four years since Rihanna released an album ... and fans were quite hopeful they would see a new one before the end of the last decade. Their hopes were shattered when the decade ended and RiRi didn't give them what they were looking for. 

But with nearly every breakup comes good music ... so maybe the album is coming sooner than we think?