If you watch Ramadan series, you know they're never void of gaffes, mistakes, and fails. Well, things aren't so different this year. 

Though it's only been 11 days into the holy month, we've already spotted too many fails that we just couldn't ignore.

Here are a few that are as shocking as they are funny:

1. A modern AC can pop up in period dramas

People watching Tunisian period drama Chwereb were shocked when they spotted a modern air conditioning unit in one of the show's scenes.

2. No one pays attention to continuity

In the first episode of Mohammed Ramadan's Zelzal, a character gets into a white bus in one scene and exits a red one in the next. 

3. Attention to detail is amiss

On the same show, an earthquake shakes an entire house ... but leaves a few things unmoved.

4. So is attention to time periods

In Ghada Abdel Razek's Ramadan series Hadota Morra, a BMW model that came out in 1996 features in a scene set in 1992.  

5. An American military plane subs in for a French one

Bab el Hara is in its 10th season but still makes it on gaffe lists thanks to its creators. 

In one of the drama's episodes this year, an 1956 American military plane was spotted in a scene featuring a French military attack on a Syrian town. Keep in mind that the French war on Syria and their occupation of the country ended in 1946. 

6. A cigarette is smoked in a period before its invention

Source: Arabic Post

The drama Haramlek is set between 1513-1516, a period during the Mamluk Sultanate (1382–1517). 

But in one of its episodes, an actor is seen smoking a modern-ish cigarette that wasn't even invented in that era. 

7. A motor-less car crashes

Yep, in an Egyptian series titled Amar Hadi, viewers noticed that a vehicle featured in a car accident scene had no motor or any other vital car parts for that matter. 

8. Corpses look so much like pillows

In several of this year's shows, corpses being carried to burial sites look so much like pillows. Maybe because no one thought to hire extras to sub in for such parts?

9. Cameramen always make an appearance

In Al Hayba's third season, a cameraman was spotted in one of the scenes. 

10. As for special effects, they're non-existent

Source: Alanba

In an Egyptian show titled Hogan, a scene intends to capture the lead actor chewing on glass but it clearly appears that what he was chewing on was an ice-cube. 

So much for special effects, right?