Ramadan is synonymous with drama series that take over Arab television throughout the holy month. Over the years, many of them weren't void of gaffes and mistakes that were hilarious and also pretty shocking. 

Unfortunately, this year wasn't so different and social media users were all there for it. Here are a few Ramadan drama mistakes that were just out of this world: 

1. Yehia Al Fakharani grew a beard in under a minute

In an episode of Al Fakharani's Ramadan series, Family Size, the actor grows a beard in just over a minute. Early on in a scene, he can be seen beardless and then a few shots later, it magically appears...

2. Mohammad Ramandan's moles kept moving all around his face

In an early episode of The Eagle of the Sa3eed, Ramadan appears with a mole on his cheek. In the next, it moved to his nose and it has been moving ever since...

3. This was meant to be an old man makeup effect

Unquestionably, the makeup crew of Ramadan series Disappearance dropped a ball with this one. 

4. Blood effects weren't all that better

The same team over at Karma series wasn't doing any better. 

5. This is a man trying to pass as a woman

Syrian actor Bassel Khayyat went undercover as a woman in his series, The Journey, but of course... not without a beard and mustache. 

6. The camera popped up in one of "Tareek's" scenes


7. And wall signs kept disappearing throughout the series

Anyone following up on continuity?

8. Pillows changed locations in the blink of an eye in this Kuwaiti drama


9. Speaking of pillows

Arab drama pregnancies are just right on point, aren't they? 

10. Same scene, two different wall paintings

We're losing hope. 

11. This unforgivable technical error was also spotted

Not too surprising, this far down the line. 

12. In Arab dramas, rice = salad

And everything is possible, always remember that. 

13. A broken arm heals in one day

See? We told you everything is possible. 

14. And drawers open all by themselves

Just in case you thought things couldn't get more ridiculous. 

15. There's also no attention to time periods

A 2008 World Cup football in 1998? Yes, you read that right. 

16. A 2018 commercial plays in 2014

In an episode of Al Hayba, a recently released laundry detergent ad plays in the background of a scene taking place in 2014. 

But that's no surprise by now, is it? 

17. A body disposal scene turns comical

No one can even anymore. 

18. So does this scene

The meme of the season.