News of the most expensive dowry to ever be paid to a bride in Saudi Arabia sent social media into a complete meltdown on Wednesday. 

This came just hours after several news sites reported that a Saudi groom paid a 10 million riyal ($2.6 million) dowry to his Moroccan bride. 

Even though the story has yet to be confirmed by the concerned authorities, tweeps launched a now-viral hashtag in response to the circulating reports. 

The story has gone viral on Saudi Twitter

While some are reacting to the alleged incident with humor and sarcasm, others continue to speculate the truth of the matter, with many saying the news might be exaggerated.

A 10 million riyal dowry?... No way

"I bet you this isn't true"

Some reacted with anger

"And they talk about expensive dowries." 

Others turned to humor


"Where did he get the 10 million from? I am calling the anti corruption committee"

Many saw absolutely nothing wrong with it

"The heart wants what it wants." 

"What's the problem here? It's his money and he's free to do what he wants with it"

A few even tweeted out congratulatory messages

"May God give them good days."