Being a student in any part of the world can be a complete pain - with finals, projects and deadlines turning every single person into a stress-ball. 

But, there is something about being an Arab student that makes the experience all the more unique. 

Here's a guide:

1. Arab parents are extremely hard to please

Scoring less than 100 percent on every single exam only means one thing: you will no longer be your parents' favorite ... which means you won't be your teta/jido/aunt/uncle's favorite either.

2. Dealing with those people who say "ba3ed ma balashit dares" is the worst part of your day

These are the kind of people that make you hate education altogether ... because what good does it do them if they lie about studying?

Can't a brother (or sister) get some help? 

3. Especially that one person who just insists that they hadn't studied ... and then goes on to ace an exam

Ino what is wrong with people?!?

4. But, when you're struggling ... you resort to extreme measures

God is your only escape. 

5. "Insan, Hayawan, Shay2" ... is the go-to entertainment

6. Asking your mom for help with homework always came with a "shebsheb threat"

Especially when practicing Arabic dictation and reciting Arabic poems.

7. You've learned that studying in your home is kind of impossible

Eight words: extremely loud human beings live in your home. 

8. School rules are kind of in a league of their own

To this day, you just don't understand what role your hair plays in anything school related. Whether it's long or short, to you it certainly has nothing to do with your overall performance.

But hey, a dress code is a dress code and some of our questions will never have answers. 

9. Complaining to your mom ... in a nutshell

You learned the hard way that you should never complain about your studies to your mother because she will always find some weird way to blame it on your unhealthy diet.