There's no denying that the ongoing uprising in Lebanon has witnessed its fair share of "WTF" moments. Well, if you thought you've seen it all, we've got some news for you: A Lebanese designer is selling revolution-themed sneakers. 

As if exploiting the historic movement for financial gain wasn't bad enough, said designer added insult to the injury with a price tag that almost sounds too ridiculous to be true.

Behold the so-called "Thawra Sneakers"

Now, brace yourself for the price tag

Yep, you read that right. The sneakers are being sold for $170 — which, depending on the adopted exchange rate, can mean anything between 256,000 and 425,000 Lebanese pounds. 

"Pair these with jeans for a relaxed and fashionable look in any occasion," the description reads.

But maybe they're not your style, maybe you're more of a high top person ... that'll cost you $190 then

Source: Lebelik

Wait, there's more...

Either sneakers are paired with a thawra sweater marked at $55 (by a different brand, Boshies) or, if you're feeling a bit more financially responsible, a t-shirt for $40.

Here's what we know about these products

The revolution-themed collection is courtesy of Boho, a Lebanese brand that "embodies the bohemian chic lifestyle."The fashion label, which mainly features women's footwear and bags, was founded by Rania Tueni-Gebara. The fashion items are sold on Boho's online shop and on Lebanese online shopping platform Lebelik.

"While Boho stands for funky style and comfort, the Boho woman is all character, bold, fashionable, never boring," according to Tueni-Gebara, the label's creative director.

Now, back to the issue at hand: Thawra merchandise. While the products' descriptions on Lebelik do not mention anything of the sort, the Boho website mentions that "20% of the sales will go to graphic designers to create videos for THAWRA for a better communication and understanding of the issue Lebanon is facing."

People are appalled beyond description

"So trash"

Supporters of the revolution are simply not having it

It all boils down to this

"Stop monetizing the revolution"

Revolutionaries have a new enemy

Naturally, jokes were cracked

"It would take you three weeks of withdrawing dollar bills from the bank to afford the 'thawra' sneakers."

The omnipresent question

"How much is the dollar worth at their store? If it's over 2,300 Lebanese pounds, then it would really be time for a revolution."

What's the fuss all about?

On Oct. 17, 2019, Lebanese revolutionaries took to the streets to protest against the country's political class and demand concrete change and serious reform, particularly when it comes to basic services such as electricity, medical services, proper infrastructure, and employment opportunities

Over the past couple of months, revolutionaries have risked their lives and well-being in the fight for a better socio-economic future. There have been multiple attempts to discredit, demonize, infiltrate, or exploit the historic movement. 

So, when a designer offers shoes for almost half the minimum wage in the name of supporting the revolution, it seems only fitting that the deal be met with backlash.

Newsflash: Supporting the revolution is not a "trend." Revolutionaries are not putting their lives on the line to have their efforts diminished into a fashion statement. And, come on, donating a portion of the proceeds to pro-revolution graphic designers doesn't remotely justify the act of exploiting and undermining the revolution.